Here at Playish, we have lost the Hamilton lottery enough times to believe it’s a hoax. If you, too, are a veteran lottery loser and unwilling to drop $500 on a rear mezzanine Stubhub scalper ticket, fret not: there are other shows on Broadway.

Here are three great historical and/or political alternatives to Hamilton:


The Color Purple

Michelle Obama may have called Hamilton the greatest piece of art in existence, but a certain Miss Oprah Winfrey produced The Color Purple. Director John Doyle’s flawless revival stars Cynthia Erivo as Celie, a poor, black girl in rural Georgia who transcends the tragic circumstances of her childhood. Potent storytelling and unmatched vocal talent, led by the incredible Erivo, combine for an unforgettable evening at the theater.


Fiddler on the Roof

Like the founding of America, it seems life in the shtetl was hard, political, and full of crowd-pleasing musical numbers. If your only exposure to Fiddler is at the local Jewish Community Center, please please please see a professional production of this phenomenal show. Danny Burstein leads this revival with a nuanced, touching, near-perfect take on Tevye; in a less competitive year, he would have nabbed the Best Actor Tony.


Les Miserables

If you can’t see a musical staging of the American Revolution, perhaps try the French one instead. While we are deeply upset that this production does not feature a turntable stage, Les Miz is one of our all-time favorites and unmissable nonetheless. Catch the show before it closes in September!